Monday, 7 July 2014

Keeping control

Tonight's purchase. Since Rio bit Franks on the bum, and went back into his own field, he has ballooned over the last two days. We are going to try putting them in together during the day, and in their own fields overnight, but for now that means that he needs some restriction other than the fencing that I put up to make his field a bit smaller. I don't want him to be restricted to a tiny paddock, but he definitely needs to get rid of the grass belly. I'm disappointed really, he'd just started looking so good. 

I helped my cousin take Oakey out on long reins this evening around the big field, and for his first time out, he was a little superstar, very trunky and looking at everything but that's exactly what you expect from a four year old! He had a couple of little side steps but took it like a pro. 

I left the yard feeling a little deflated this evening, I didn't ride or anything as felt absolutely shattered. I was downhearted when comments were made about Rio's belly. I'm not kidding myself - I know he's ballooned the last couple of days, I'm not denying it or saying he looks good. I don't want him to be this round. We are working more often than before though, so I'm hoping it shouldn't last too long and the plan is that the boys will do a couple of days in Franks' field, and then one in Rio's. If all goes to plan, I'm hoping that they will eat the grass down in the next couple of weeks, and he won't have to use the grazing muzzle for long... He won't need to wear it in Franks' field, only overnight in his own, and he can have it off during the day that they spend in his field. 

Ride / play safe x