Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Totally-awesome Tuesday

Perfect hack with the boy this evening. We took a friend out for her first hack with her share pony somewhere other than the yard, and she loved it! 

Had to get a photo with the "Bridleway" sign as we don't have any near our yard...

This hill is awesome. You can't appreciate it with all the ferns at the moment but it's just awesome. It's not huge, but it's pretty steep, and the power from behind you can feel when you canter up it. Just (you guessed it!) AWESOME! If you watch it through, you'll see us take out a fern on a sharp bend, and right at the end, I just missed the shot that would have been great to get - Franks leapt up from standstill and Sarah's matrix style somehow meant she stayed on. We honestly thought she was a goner! Sadly you can just see Franks' legs come out and me saying OH MY GOD!

Lovely canter after Franks' little episode - have to laugh at my little wobble when I've turned around. Was so great to have my camera on my wrist and be able to get photos and videos. Will definitely do it again until I have the joy of a head cam or Go Pro!

My third attempt at a running plait - I think I'm getting the hang of these things! This was taken two thirds of the way into our ride, and still all in!

Having a munch back home before we went back down to the field. We had a little discussion at both ends about getting into the trailer, but all in all was not too bad. 

Ride / play safe x